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* Not to Scale

Why the asterisk?



One of the 18 launch titles (AKA, the “Black Box” games), 10-YARD FIGHT made the move from the arcade to home version adding in defense, where as in the arcade you were strictly offense. It’s about as advanced as you’d expect a football game in 1985 to be.


CAPCOM 1985/86

Hot off the 44th anniversary of the year, 1942, Capcom released a home version of its arcade plane shoot-em-up of the same name. It was a game so mindlessly boring that I finished it one day just to see if maybe there would be some final level that broke the mold. Went off in a weird direction. Perhaps someone would parachute out of a plane. Maybe you could kill “Not Hilter” (alas, that day would come with Bionic Commando). But nope, it was your ugly green plane (piloted by the enigmatic “Super Ace” – not to be confused with Commando‘s “Super Joe”) shooting other bigger, ugly green planes above endless screens of water and small desolate land masses that were also green.

Power-ups were limited to getting a POW icon that would double your firepower and a few times per level you were permitted to do loop-de-loops that must’ve consisted of 5 or less animation sprites.

There was also the yasishi symbol Capcom games are known for. This would give you an extra life – I think. You mentally check out playing this game so I just assumed that’s what it did.

Pointless and counterproductive, 1942, much like war itself, left scars that have lasted a lifetime.

PROS: At the end of each level you land your plane on a ship. The game does this for you. Did you hear that, Top Gun? I’m talking to you. All the enemy planes on the screen explode. Most likely thinking they were destined for a tragic crash landing and tanked.

CONS: Outside of the slow, monotonous, repetitive, uninspired gameplay, it does go left when you press left. Also, not to be confused with the movie 1942: A Steven Spielberg Joint.

1943: The Battle of MIDWAY


Q:It’s what you get when you take the game 1942 and add clouds.

“What is 1943?”

Yes, 1943 was indeed far less drab than its predecessor, but it’s kind of like saying The Last House on the Left is easier to watch than I Spit On Your Grave. Neither one’s a good time, but at least Last House has that inexplicable hillbilly theme music for the lead rapist. Oh, that Krug, rapin’ and goofin’ off.

PROS: If you liked 1942, you have horrible taste, and will love this game.

CONS: You may wish they worded it “Battle of the Midway” but it’s too late, it’s gone to print, they’re not changing it.

3-D WorldRunner

Acclaim – 1987



Mindscape – 1989



TAXAN – 1990



Milton Bradley – 1988




3-D WorldRunner

Acclaim – 1987


3-D WorldRunner

Acclaim – 1987


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