About the Hero of the Story

A long time ago, in the land of elves, the Dark Prince, Zuckerberg, stole the Blog of Light, and scattered it into 8 pieces throughout the land. Each page was protected by a guardian who lorded over his domain with Power. Only ones who process the Facebook can see the Blog of Light for what it truly is: a beacon of hope for the magical realm of Internet. A voice called out, “Come! Join us at the Spoony Bar and sing a song, rejoice, and join the quest to retrieve the Blog of Light.” Our hero, Cecil, made his way to the bar holding the Keyboard Blade, his weapon of choice, albeit a stupidly named and conceived one, looking for clues. There he met Edward, the owner, who was a bard, and what some people would call “spoony”, mostly due to their misunderstanding of the language. It was there the quest began, and where the origin of the Blog was foretold. Are you a bad enough dude to save the Blog of Light?




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